Southern Seniors "Welcome Video"

Introducing New Members & Sponsors

  • Tony Free & Lisa
    Greenville, SC
    Steve & Susie Dauber

  • Jim Murphy & Mary
    Bluffton, SC
    Dan & Rhonda DeMuth

  • Tommy Estes & Becky
    Nashville, TN
    Jim & Donna Robers

  • Mark Poovey
    Charlotte, NC
    Wes Clark

  • David Costello & Mitsy
    Lookout Mtn., TN
    Thomas & Mary Gambill

  • Philip Kazer & Beth
    Troy, OH
    Mark & Cheryl Jensen

  • Al Martindale & Lucy
    Durham, NC
    Richard Hawkins

  • Randy Norbo & Phyllis
    Roanoke, VA
    Chip & Pat Hairston

  • Robert Shepard
    Naples, FL
    Jeff Howard

  • CJ Caldwell & Mary
    Roanoke, VA
    Jack & Mary Helms

  • George Hiller & Lynda
    Birmingham, AL
    Mark & Lee Rives

  • Andrew Payne & Mary
    White Sulphur Springs, WV
    Johnny & Carolanne Roberts

Member Benefits

  • SSGA Event Experiences

  • SSGA Resort Pricing

  • Member Reciprocal Play Program

  • SSGA Vanguard Pro Shop

  • ShipSticks Program

  • Signature Golf Program

  • SSGA "Forever Family" Relationships

  • SSGA Hole-In-One Charity Fund

 "Our senior golf association stimulates our emotional and physical being. After the round we reminisce and there are always treasured memories of what we did, or almost did." 
 - Roy W. Godley, Hilton Head Island, SC